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Targets Of Opportunity: Maximizing Your Productivity with MadCap Flare

photo of Patrick Calnan, webinar presenter
Recorded: January 20, 2015
Patrick Calnan, Documentation Team Leader | N-able Technologies

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Webinar Highlights

Are you using Flare targets to their full potential? Did you know you can automate complex publishing using batch targets? Join Patrick Calnan, Information Development Team Lead at N-able by Solarwinds, for an in-depth review of Flare’s publishing targets capabilities.

Over the course of the hour, Mr. Calnan will cover:

  • Target configuring basics
  • Customizing targets for specific doc types
  • The interaction of targets and destinations
  • Advanced features of targets
  • Batch targets: simplifying complex publishing
  • Using special targets for review

After the webinar, you’ll have a greater understanding of Flare targets and may even discover a few hidden gems to help you save time and be more productive.