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Nestlé IT Combines MadCap Central with Google to Shape Learning and Development Content and Reduce Internal IT Costs

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Patrick Fueldner, Tech Lead | Nestlé IT

Nestlé IT has modernized the delivery of training and education to its employees by developing a continuously evolving, interactive employee performance support solution using MadCap Software. This learning and training platform brings accurate and current information about the tasks at hand, and delivers this content to employees in their working environment.

To support this learning experience, Patrick Fueldner, Technology Lead at Nestlé Global, along with his team, relies on using data to inspire new content, and ensure learners are finding the most relevant and accurate content they need quickly and easily. In this webinar, Patrick will review how his team relies on MadCap Central Analytics and Google Analytics to provide instant and valuable insights that help shape the content provided to employees and reduce internal IT costs.