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Migrating a Help Site from Salesforce to MadCap Flare

photo of Jess Kuras, Senior Technical Writer, , Fitbit

Presented By:

Jess Kuras | Senior Technical Writer, Fitbit

Duration: 60 minutes

Webinar Summary

In this presentation, Jess Kuras will discuss how she moved the Fitbit Help site from Salesforce to MadCap Flare, including why they made the transition, how her team accesses MadCap software on a Mac, the process of managing 12 different languages using Flare and Lingo, how the site was tested and published using an AWS S3 bucket, how they set up URL redirects, their approach to meeting accessibility requirements, and a creative solution to gather analytics and feedback from users using free tools.

MadWorld Conference Webinar Series: This webinar series features sessions presented at MadWorld 2022 Austin. The conference featured 40 sessions covering industry trends and best practices packed with useful takeaways and practical knowledge. The conference showcased industry experts with representatives from Fitbit, Rivian, Maxar Technologies, MadCap Software, and more.

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Meet the Presenters

photo of Jess Kuras, Senior Technical Writer, Fitbit

about the Presenter

Jess Kuras

Senior Technical Writer


Jess Kuras is a Senior Technical Writer at Fitbit, where she writes and edits customer-facing help articles and user manuals. In 2017, she began migrating the entire Fitbit help site to MadCap Flare, consisting of nearly 150 articles in 11 different languages. In the process, she received her MadCap Advanced Developer Certification.