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Math Authoring for Everyone: How to Create and Edit Equations with MathFlow in MadCap Flare

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Lauren Wood, Senior Product Manager | Design Science

Do you have mathematics in your technical content? In this presentation, learn how to create and edit equations with MathFlow (the equation editor used inside MadCap Flare), presented by Lauren Wood, Senior Product Manager for Design Science.

MathFlow handles all types of equations, from basic mathematics such as fractions to complex formulas used in engineering and other technical disciplines. It creates industry-standard MathML, which is used directly in many formats including HTML5 and EPUB, so your equations don't even need to be transformed to be beautifully formatted in many of your target outputs. Ms. Wood will give a brief introduction to MathML and where it can be used, and will also provide live demos and tips on how to use MathFlow within Madcap Flare.