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MadCap Flare’s Stylesheet Editor for the Total Newbie: Seven CSS Skills You Should Know

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Neil Perlin, Certified Flare Trainer and Consultant | Hyper/Word Services

MadCap Flare’s Stylesheet editor lets you modify the styles in your projects to control their formatting and even their behaviors. The editor offers valuable features like different views of the styles, the ability to manage fonts, create output-specific mediums in one stylesheet, and more. In this webinar, Neil will introduce you to the basics of the Stylesheet Editor, how to use some of its major features, and how to create some cool effects. We’ll look at:

  • Understanding the Stylesheet Editor
  • Why you should use styles instead of local formatting (and what’s the difference)
  • How to format the same content for different outputs efficiently by using Mediums
  • How to simplify your stylesheet by limiting what styles are available in the Stylesheet Editor and the Styles Pane
  • How to control page breaks in printed output by creating alternate heading styles
  • How to create dynamic graphics by using thumbnails
  • How to create Note/Caution/Warning bullets by using the Stylesheet Editor