MadCap Central Analytics: The Bridge From Neophyte to Ninja

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Angela Aivaz, Consultant, Owner | Aivaz Consulting

You’ve put all this time and effort into developing comprehensive content on your documentation/learning online portal, so you sit back and revel in your hard work. But how do you know that users/learners are finding what they are looking for, and by which means are they accessing that content? How do you know that your content addresses the real crux of what they need to know? Getting user feedback is a great idea, but only tells part of the story—you need analytics to complete it.

In this webinar, Angela Aivaz, Owner and Consultant of Aivaz Consulting will teach you how easy it is to use MadCap Central’s rich analytics feature to assess user behavior. Analyzing content monthly and when new features are deployed will give you the insight to make informed decisions about how to tailor your content and portal to fit users’ needs.