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Live Panel Discussion: What You Need to Know, What You Can Afford to Ignore, and the Future of TechComm

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Neil Perlin, Certified Flare Trainer and Consultant | Hyper/Word Services,
Mike Hamilton, VP of Product Evangelism | MadCap Software, Inc.,
Scott DeLoach, Certified Flare Instructor and Consultant | ClickStart, Inc.,
Jennifer White, Product Evangelist | MadCap Software, Inc.

It can be a challenge weeding though all of the buzzwords, technologies, standards and best practices in the technical communication community, but we’re here to help you navigate through this flood of information.

Join our panel of experts – Neil Perlin, Scott DeLoach and Mike Hamilton – for this live 90-minute webinar as they cut through the hype and discuss what you need to know, what you can afford to ignore, and what the future may hold for our industry.

Our panel discussion topics will include:

  • Outputting to the unknown
  • Responsive design
  • Trending formats
  • Future-proofing your content
  • Translation/localization
  • Social media
  • And more!

Neil Perlin
Owner | Hyper/Word Services

Scott DeLoach
Founder | ClickStart, Inc.

Mike Hamilton
VP of Product Evangelism | MadCap Software

Jennifer White
Product Evangelist | MadCap Software