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Introducing the Target Control Utility for MadCap Flare

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Thomas Bro-Rasmussen, Owner | TBRO

Target Control is a new utility developed by Thomas Bro-Rasmussen, Owner and Founder of TBRO, and long-time MadCap Flare user. Using the new utility, you can control a range of different target file options in MadCap Flare, including conditions, variables and PDF options.

The speed in which the utility processes target files is staggering. It takes Target Control just 43 seconds to read and write 63,594 conditions and 214,937 variables.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how the Target Control utility can help automate processes in MadCap Flare to save you time when building your targets. Thomas Bro-Rasmussen will demonstrate situations where it makes sense to automate, and how Target Control will give you unprecedented control, reducing human errors and much more.