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Inside the Author’s Studio: MadCap Central Checklists

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Jennifer Morse, Vice President of Customer Success | MadCap Software, Inc.,
Paul Stoecklein, Documentation Director | MadCap Software, Inc.

Whether you're an individual writer or part of a large documentation team, keeping track of your development progress is essential. With MadCap Central, authors can create and manage trackable workflows using checklists, a visual chart used to track the status of a project. This webinar will provide a real-world look at how checklists have saved MadCap Software’s documentation team from manually-kept spreadsheets and sticky notes to staying on track, on time, and ready for any release.

During the hour we will explore:

  • How checklists are created
  • The types of checklists you can manage
  • Tips and tricks from MadCap Software's documentation team​