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Every Page is Page One: Information Design with MadCap Flare

photo of Mark Baker, webinar presenter
Mark Baker, Author and Content Strategist | Analecta Communications, Inc.

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Webinar Highlights

When users attempt to find content using a search, they are not using your help system top-down, but bottom-up. Their decision about whether the topic they have found meets their needs will be made by looking at the topic content, not its place in the TOC. If the reader want to move to another topic, their starting point is the topic they are reading now, not the TOC. No matter how brilliant and consistent your top-down organization is, it is not going to matter if your readers are navigating bottom-up.

Join Mark Baker, Content Strategist and author of Every Page is Page One: Topic-based Writing for Technical Communication and the Web, as he explains why designing and organizing your content for bottom-up navigation will improve how your readers find and consume your content.