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How to Properly Handle User Interface Translation Using MadCap Lingo

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Peter Argondizzo, Production Manager | MadTranslations, Inc.,
Jose Sermeno, Product Evangelist | MadCap Software, Inc.

It can be frustrating for any end user when the documentation does not match the user interface commands. Maintaining consistency across the UI and documentation is important to your end users, and MadCap Lingo provides the functionality to help manage this process.

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through all the steps when translating UI using MadCap Lingo, including:

  • Creating a MadCap Lingo project and importing files
  • Developing a term base and using it in MadCap Lingo
  • Connecting to a Translation Memory (TM)
  • Reviewing what the translator sees in MadCap Lingo
  • Exporting the project, TMX or TBX

Who should attend this webinar?

Localization managers
Project managers
Documentation managers
Content creators
Localization engineers
Anyone interested in learning about UI and Flare translation