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How MadCap Central Fuels Team Collaboration, Provides Actionable Usage Analytics, Removes Dependencies on IT Resources and More

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Jennifer Morse, Vice President of Customer Success | MadCap Software, Inc.

With the demands for remote team collaboration and productivity more important than ever, making sure your team has the tools and resources they need to stay engaged, productive and on-task is critical.

MadCap Central provides an abundance of features and functionality, including secure hosting, online subject matter expert contribution and collaboration, project management, user analytics, build automation, publishing and much more — all within the Microsoft® Azure SOC 2 compliant server environment.

In this webinar, Jennifer Morse, Director of Customer Success, will cover how MadCap Central can support your content development workflow and provide:

  • Improved Collaboration and Streamlined SME Contribution and Review: Easily edit and contribute content with a cloud-based contribution and review process.
  • Actionable Usage Analytics: Gather actionable user analytics on your public, private or in-product content to gain valuable insight into how your users interact with and consume your content for a continuous improvement process.
  • Simplified Hosting and Reduced IT Resource Dependency: Eliminate the need to invest in expensive publishing servers and host your content securely online without getting IT resources involved.
  • Secure Privatized Output with Password Protected User Access: Control who has access to your content by easily configuring password protected user access.
  • And much more!