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Getting Started With MadCap Flare, Part 1: Basic Concepts

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Neil Perlin, Certified Flare Trainer and Consultant | Hyper/Word Services

Are you new to MadCap Flare? Do you need help getting started with the rich set of features and functionality that comes with Flare? Are you new to authoring concepts and terminology?

MadCap Software is excited to present a new four-part series from certified trainer and consultant Neil Perlin of Hyper/Word Services. By the end of this series, you’ll have strong understanding of the concepts critical for success and a strong understanding of the key features and functionality of MadCap Flare.

Topics covered in this first session include:

  • Authoring in Flare compared to authoring in Word – analogies.
  • What’s a project?
  • What’s a topic?
  • What’s topic-based authoring and how does it differ from document-based authoring?
  • What’s structured authoring?
  • What’s single sourcing (two definitions)?
  • What’s multi-channel publishing?
  • What’s version control?