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Get Out Your Markers! Using ::marker in CSS to Jazz Up Your Lists

Presented By:

Daniel Ferguson, Certified Flare Instructor, Owner | Smart Output

This Webinar was Recorded on Thursday, 20 May 2021

Webinar Summary

For years, lists have been pretty much stuck with the same staid bullet and numbering styles. The CSS ::marker pseudo-element changes that game entirely! With just a few adjustments to your stylesheet, you can jazz up both your unordered and ordered lists to add visual variety and appeal to your output.

And the best part--everything in this session works for both HTML and PDF output.

Join veteran MadCap Flare trainer and consultant Daniel Ferguson as he demonstrates how to use ::marker in your Flare project. And along the way, you'll also learn a little bit about the CSS counter() function.

Note: This session assumes an intermediate familiarity with CSS selectors. To prepare, we recommend checking out the following webinar.