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Generating Quality Print Output from MadCap Flare

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Matthew Ellison, Director | UA Europe

Flare is best known as a tool for creating Help systems. However, one of its key strengths is its capability to produce a range of output formats including PDF, Word, and FrameMaker from a single source. Flare offers the possibility of customizing the content, structure, format and layout of these print-based outputs independently from the help outputs. For example, you can add chapter and heading numbering, running headers and footers, different layouts for odd and even pages, and cross-references that include page or section numbers. Flare achieves all this through a range of sophisticated features including condition tags, chapter and section breaks, medium-specific formatting properties, proxies, and page layouts.

This webinar introduces you to the most important features you'll need in order to maximize the quality of your print output from Flare. It explains how to set up a style sheet to support effective single-sourcing for on-screen and print presentation, and provides a checklist of action items you'll need to follow each time you prepare a project for print output.