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The Framework of MadCap Flare: Understanding The Key Principles Behind How Flare Works

Presented By:

Daniel Ferguson, Certified Flare Instructor, Owner | Smart Output

Webinar Summary

After years of working as a MadCap Flare trainer and consultant, Daniel Ferguson shares the key principles that help his clients understand how Flare works. In this webinar, Daniel will provide a framework for how the pieces of Flare fit together, delving into: the difference between authoring, styling, building, and publishing; a basic understanding of CSS (and where you can get more training); and what single-sourcing is and how to take advantage of it. If you're new to Flare, or want to gain a better understanding how Flare works, this webinar is for you. After this presentation, you’ll have the knowledge you need to continue building your expertise and to succeed in using Flare.