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Chatbots and Translation: How Micro Content Authoring Can Fuel Chatbots, Customer Self-Help and an Enhanced Customer Experience

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Luciana Voigt, CEO | TECHKNOWBOT,
Scott Bass, Strategic Advisor and Consultant | MadTranslations, Inc.

Chatbots today have made significant advancements from the early days of rudimentary pop-ups on websites to intricate and effective communication tools to help answer questions, route customers to specific content or resources, schedule sales meetings and much more. Now, thanks to AI technology, chatbots are better at providing real-time answers to assist your customers in multiple languages. So, how does this affect your content development process and ensure you maximize this opportunity to fuel the customer experience?

In this webinar, Scott Bass, Principal Consultant and Luciana Alvear Voigt, CEO, will discuss the latest chatbot technology advancements, and how chatbots can be a critical solution for organizations looking to reduce technical support inquiries. We’ll discuss steps you can take to develop effective content for chatbots while also keeping translation in mind.