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Case Study: Learn How Rivian Uses MadCap Flare to Increase Productivity

photo of Hennah Rahman, Senior Staff Production Editor, , Rivian

Presented By:

Hennah Rahman | Senior Staff Production Editor, Rivian

Duration: 60 minutes

Webinar Summary

Rivian had the unique challenge of starting their documentation from scratch. While many of us imagine starting from scratch to be a dream when we inherit legacy content, trust me when I say it is much harder than you would expect! We had to zoom out to put together a strategy to accommodate current and future products and maximize content reuse. We were able to use the global project concept as well as features such as conditions, variables, and much more to publish to various outputs such as in-vehicle, web, tablet, mobile and a variety of print sizes. Join me to learn about our decision-making process and what we found to be successful and where we had to pivot and make different choices.

MadWorld Conference Webinar Series: This webinar series features sessions presented at MadWorld 2022 Austin. The conference featured 40 sessions covering industry trends and best practices packed with useful takeaways and practical knowledge. The conference showcased industry experts with representatives from Fitbit, Rivian, Maxar Technologies, MadCap Software, and more.

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Meet the Presenters

photo of Hennah Rahman, Senior Staff Production Editor, Rivian

about the Presenter

Hennah Rahman

Senior Staff Production Editor


Hennah Rahman, a Senior Production Editor at Rivian, uses MadCap Flare to publish several print, infotainment, and online guides. She has established a localization strategy using MadCap Lingo and other tools. Hennah has her MadCap Advanced Developer Certification and in her previous role as a consultant, specialized in technical writing, CSS and project template design, and content architecture design and strategy.