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Padding, Borders and Margins, Oh My! What You Need to Know About the Box Model to Design Effective Page Layouts in MadCap Flare

Webinar Summary

Presented By:

Robert Plano, Owner | RJP Consulting, LLC

The position of every element on a Flare document page, and its position relative to other elements on the page, are controlled in large part by three basic parameters: padding (the space immediately around the element), borders (the bounding lines around the element) and margins (the space separating two elements). These parameters are directly descended from traditional typography and their implementation in the digital world can take a bit of effort to fully appreciate and utilize in Flare projects. Once they are understood, they become valuable tools in designing an effective page layout.

This webinar will cover the origin and meanings of the box model components and demonstrate how they are implemented in Flare, both through the Stylesheet Editor and directly editing the text CSS file. Robert will provide viewers with a solid base of knowledge on how to properly and effectively use the padding, border and margin parameters to design a quality page layout.