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The Art and Science of Rapid Prototyping in MadCap Flare

photo of Ray Davis, Senior Technical Writer, , Alcon

Presented By:

Ray Davis | Senior Technical Writer, Alcon

Duration: 60 minutes

Webinar Summary

Rapid prototyping is most often associated with engineering and 3D printing. It's the ability to make something out of nothing, quickly, to show in a realistic way how it works in the real world. In this webinar Ray Davis of Alcon will share how he and his team used MadCap Flare to create a responsive HTML5 service manual.

Using multiple targets, they created prototypes from live projects for presentation to upper management, feasibility studies, and requirements gathering. That's the science. The art is a method of collaboration that is common to FDA inspections where one writer presents to management while another listens in and makes changes in real-time.

Learn how this way of collaborating, coupled with the versatility and speed of Flare's build process, allowed Ray and his team to:

  • Rapidly prototype a responsive HTML5 service manual,
  • Add functionality on-the-fly to address requirements,
  • Implement the “heavy lift” of behavior change,
  • And ultimately build a more robust prototype than would have been possible using a traditional site-building approach.

MadWorld Conference Webinar Series: This webinar series features sessions presented at MadWorld 2022 Austin. The conference featured 40 sessions covering industry trends and best practices packed with useful takeaways and practical knowledge. The conference showcased industry experts with representatives from Fitbit, Rivian, Maxar Technologies, MadCap Software, and more.

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Meet the Presenters

photo of Ray Davis, Senior Technical Writer, Alcon

about the Presenter

Ray Davis

Senior Technical Writer


Ray Davis manages an international team of technical writers creating service and repair instructions for surgical navigation systems, three dimensional x-ray scanners, and surgical robots. He has more than 20 year of experience documenting hardware, software, and business processes.