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Advanced CSS: Best Practices for Formatting Notes, Tips, Cautions and Warnings in MadCap Flare

Presented By:

Scott DeLoach, Certified Flare Instructor and Consultant | ClickStart, Inc.

Webinar Summary

Notes, tips, cautions, and warnings are extremely common in technical content, and there are numerous options for formatting these related content types. In this webinar, we will discuss how to:

  • Automatically add and format text, such as the word “Note”
  • Automatically add a note icon
  • Add borders and background colors
  • Format notes that contain multiple paragraphs, lists, and/or images
  • Apply different note formatting for print, desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Keep note content together when printing

Join Scott DeLoach, certified Flare trainer/consultant and author of MadCap Flare Developer’s Guide, for an in-depth look at formatting notes in Flare.