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The Role of AI in Technical Writing: Embracing Innovation in a Brave New World

photo of Paul Stoecklein, Documentation Director, , MadCap Software

Presented By:

Paul Stoecklein | Documentation Director, MadCap Software

Duration: 60 minutes

Webinar Summary

With the artificial intelligence tsunami known as ChatGPT dominating chatter among technical communicators in 2023, let’s take a deep dive into what that means for you.  Join us as we discuss the basics of ChatGPT, its capabilities, limitations, and integration with MadCap Software. Gain a deeper understanding of the pros and cons of leveraging ChatGPT in your documentation work and discover practical takeaways to enhance your writing skills.

Whether you're excited about the possibilities AI brings or concerned about its implications, this session will provide insights, guidance, and real-world examples to help you navigate the integration of ChatGPT in your technical writing workflow. Embrace innovation as we explore the impact of AI in the field of technical communication.

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Meet the Presenters

photo of Paul Stoecklein, Documentation Director, MadCap Software

about the Presenter

Paul Stoecklein

Documentation Director

MadCap Software

Paul Stoecklein has over 20 years of experience as a writer, editor, and documentation specialist. In that time, he has worked for a wide range of companies, including Anheuser-Busch, Edward Jones, and eHelp Corporation. Since the formation of MadCap Software in early 2005, Paul has headed its documentation department.