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Streamlining Communication: Why Your Company Needs Terminology Management

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Presented By:

Scott Bass |


Duration: 60 minutes

Webinar Summary

More than ever the precision of the words we choose to describe our brands and products matter.

Online search, product knowledge bases, and chat bots all require accurate and concise information that will engage users, streamline interactions, and accomplish more with less cost. The corner stone to this information is your organization’s terminology.

Often overlooked, terminology management is a critical step in creating and managing high-quality content.

This webinar will address the benefits and methods to using terminology management to make your content the backbone for automation and international communication.

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Meet the Presenters

photo of Scott Bass, ,

about the Presenter

Scott Bass

The principal of LocFluent Consulting, Scott Bass, has been active in the language industry for over 30 years. Scott was formerly the founder and owner of Advanced Language Translation, Inc., a technical translation and localization specialist company, which he established in 1994. In 2015, he sold his company to Morningside Translations, one of the fastest growing language service providers in the U.S. Most recently, Scott was Vice President for Morningside’s Professional Services Group, where he focused on onboarding new clients, building the foundation for strong client relationships, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Scott has a master’s degree in German Studies from the University of Rochester, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in German Language and Chemistry from the University of New York at Binghamton. He has lived, studied and worked in both Austria and Germany.