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Please read our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting support.

For registration and license transfer inquiries, please contact Customer Service at +1 (888) 623-2271 or

If you are an active Maintenance Plan customer or you have purchased a Single Inquiry, please submit the following form to
contact Technical Support.

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This key can be found on your sales receipt or in your order confirmation email. Please verify that the key was entered correctly.

Non-maintenance plan customers are not able to receive priority email support from the MadCap Software technical support center.

If you have a technical question, please feel free to post your question on the MadCap Software Peer-to-Peer forums. Registration and membership is free.

Non-technical issues can be directed to the following available options:

If you do not have a maintenance plan and would like to talk to a MadCap Software technical support representative, you can purchase a single incident inquiry. Buy Now

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