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Robust documentation-centric platform for analytics, reporting and social collaboration.

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MadCap Pulse is the only documentation-centric platform that combines back-end reporting and analytics along with front-end social collaboration, allowing end users to connect, collaborate and share knowledge in a self-service community and support forum.

Quote IconMadCap Pulse integrated with MadCap Flare has provided users with a convenient voice to engage in social dialog within the context of our application help guide. Along with the robust analytics package offered by Pulse, it also helps our product management, support and sales teams understand the voice of our clients. Social dialog is so prevalent in our personal lives that extending the same tools into our business-to-business application sends a powerful message of relevance and innovation to both clients and future customers.”

—Victoria Schuch | Fujifilm Medical Systems, USA

Gain Insight into User Activity and Usage with Powerful Analytics and Reporting

Analytic data, such as topic views, search keywords, search terms being used that yield no results, can provide valuable insight into how your users use your documentation and how it can be improved.

Generate reports and analyze customer usage including:

  • Search Phrases and Search Phrases with No Results – find out what your users are looking for…and not finding
  • Topic Views – which topics have the highest and lowest traffic
  • User Count – how many people are using your system and when are they using it?
  • Individual User Activity – view the user activity for any individual in your community
View Full List of Reports
  • Browser statistics
  • Context-sensitive Help calls
  • Operating system statistics
  • Search phrases
  • Search phrases with no results
  • Topics
  • User count
  • Overall activity
  • User activity
  • Most active people
  • User Guide
  • Most active groups
  • Most followed people
  • Most liked people
  • Most commented people
  • Most liked activities
  • Most commented activities
  • Most liked file shares
  • Most commented image shares
  • Most liked link shares
  • Most commented link shares
  • Storage usage
Powerful Analytics and Reporting for Your Content

Add Topic Ratings for Feedback on Content Quality
and Helpfulness

5-star ranking system provides a simple, yet efficient way to gauge user satisfaction with topic content.

Topic ratings can be turned on or off, and are gathered and compiled in the MadCap Pulse analytic data.

Topic Ratings

Improve Customer Satisfaction, Foster Communication and Reduce Support Inquiries by Adding a Social and Self-support Collaboration Layer to Your Published Documentation

With advanced socially-enabled features, MadCap Pulse helps you build an active community to improve engagement with customers and foster the sharing of information. MadCap Pulse is the only documentation-centric social collaboration platform that enables web-based content to add and a self-servicing or community based support layer onto existing published and approved content.

MadCap Pulse includes advanced features to help you maximize the value of social collaboration and enhance the quality of your documentation, including:

  • User Profiles
  • Activity Feed
  • Subscribe to Content and Topic Activities
  • Follow Users and Groups
  • Commenting, Liking and Tagging
  • Ask Questions
  • Topic Rating and Ranking
  • Comment Moderation
  • File Sharing with Groups and Topics
  • Email Notifications on User Activity
  • Advanced Reporting and User Statistics
  • And Much More
Quote IconWith Pulse, we can effectively capture search terms to see the relationship between a term entered and whether or not users have found the topics they are looking for. This information is extremely important to further develop our search capabilities.”

—Derek Warren | Principal Information Developer, Venafi

User Profiles

Create User Profiles

Create rich user profiles with personal photos or avatars, along with contact and other personal information. Users can post status updates, ask questions, post comments to topics, upload files and much more.

Activity Feed

Activity Feed

Users can view the latest activity, including articles read, status updates, topic updates and more.

Content Subscription and Topic Activities

Subscribe to Content and Topic Activities

Easily subscribe to content, including feeds, topics and more, all with a single click. Subscribing to content allows users to view content updates and any activity all in a single feed.

Follow Feature


Stay connected with users and engage with people of interest by following their activity.

Comment Feature

Comment, Like or Tag Content

Share opinions or expertise with the community by adding comments to topics, and allow users to show support and encouragement using the “like” function. Topics, comments or files can be tagged with keywords in order to help users find relevant content.

Topic Questions

Ask Questions

Survey the community and ask questions about particular topics. Community users can then vote on responses, moving the most popular responses to the top of the list.

Comment Moderation

Comment Moderation

Ensure comments are relevant and appropriate by accepting or rejecting posts and user comments. All pending posts are emailed to moderators for approval prior to going live.

File Sharing

File Sharing with Groups and Topics

Shares files with others in the community, using the Files app (located under Your Apps), or upload files (documents, videos, images and links) directly to topics in the comment stream.

Topic Subscription

Subscribe to Topics or Add to Favorites

Subscribe to content and receive email updates on topic activity. Notification settings can be changed based on user preferences. Use the Favorite button to add to a list of favorite topics.

Assign Tasks

Assign Tasks

Advanced users can assign tasks to other users, add specific details and assign due dates.


Advanced users can create groups around particular document sets, discussions or individual topics. Groups combine the best of forums and online documentation, allowing users to create a separate thread in order to collaborate, converse, and share ideas around a particular topic, documentation set or project.

Working with a Partner or Customer?

  • Using Pulse as a collaborative workspace is easy. While setting up your Pulse group, change the audience to “Employees and Customers” and invite users from an external network.

Private Groups

  • If you would like to create a private group within Pulse, simply mark it as private in the Group settings. Only users invited to the group will be given access.

Follow Groups

  • In the same manner that you follow People, you can follow Groups to get notified of any activity, including new comments to topics.
Topic Ranking Screenshot

Topic Ranking

Gather user satisfaction by allowing users to rank and rate topics using a 5-star ranking system.

Search Comments Screenshot

Search Comments and Added Content

Users can search on user comments, files or feedback in order to better find other relevant information.

User Statistics Screenshot

User Statistics, Reporting and Charting

Generate reports and analyze customer usage including browsers and operating systems. Select from a variety of chart options and data to create useful visuals for analysis.

MadCap Pulse Insight Screenshot

Insight Into Customer Activity and Usage

Gain insight into how your users use your documentation, what they are searching for and respective results displayed, and more importantly, search terms being used that yield too many, too few, or no results.

Email Notifications Screenshot

Email Notifications on User Activity

Receive customized email notifications on user activity, such as when comments are added to topics or when a new group is created. Administrators and Employees can subscribe to topics, and get linked directly to the post/activities for review.

Types of Users

Administrators: Administrators are users who have complete access to all Pulse features and functionality. They have exclusive control over deleting other users' content, adjusting server settings, and accessing reports.

Advanced Users (Employees): These are users who have been given a higher level of access to Pulse features and functionality by the Administrator. They have a wider range of options when it comes to directly communicating and interacting with other users, ranking topics, voting on answers, and filtering content.

Basic Users (Customers): These are users who have basic access to Pulse features and functionality, such as creating a profile, subscribing to topics, and posting content such as comments, articles, questions, and multimedia.

General (Unregistered) Users: These are users outside of your organization who can simply view your help system.

MadCap Pulse User Activities

General Public
Basic User
Advanced User

Read Comments

checked checked checked checked

Search Comments

checked checked checked checked

See Ratings/Interactions

checked checked checked checked

Rate Topics

checked checked checked checked

Create Profile and Set Notification Preferences

checked checked checked

Post status/Questions/Articles

checked checked checked

Comment, Like, Follow and Tag User Content

checked checked checked

Upload Files, Photos, and Videos

checked checked checked

Subscribe to Topics

checked checked checked

Delete and Edit Their Own Content

checked checked checked

Assign Tasks

checked checked checked

Like/Dislike/Vote on Answers to Questions

checked checked checked

Access Groups

checked checked checked

Create Groups

checked checked

Designate Topics as "Favorites"

checked checked

Mention and Message Other Users

checked checked

Filter and View Files, Images, etc. Including in Comments

checked checked

Delete Content Added by Other Users


Access to Server Settings


Access to Reports


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