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Why MadCap Flare?
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MadCap Flare offers a high return on investment, scalability for enterprise teams, world-class technical
support and certified training programs to get your team up and running in no time. Streamline your
content delivery with today’s leading authoring, publishing and content management solution.

Why MadCap Flare?
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A complete solution for technical communicators, content developers,
and information architects, MadCap Flare offers advanced features to
maximize authoring efficiency, content management, and content reuse.

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Reduced 50%

Reduced Translation Costs

After 18 months of testing, we found the translation costs for our product documentation using MadCap Lingo were reduced on average close to 50% per release, in addition to greater error reduction.
photo of Uwe Schwenk

Uwe Schwenk
L10N Coordinator and Senior Technical Translator,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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