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MadCap Central

Powerful cloud-based publishing, project and content management
for technical writers and documentation teams.

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Assign User Permissions to Control Access and Maintain Content Quality

MadCap Central offers a robust set of user management features, giving administrators the ability to define roles and specify what type of tasks a user can perform.

Set Permissions Panel

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Manage Users from a Single Page

The Users page lets you manage and view all users on a license key. From the Users page, you can view a user’s details, status, and recent activity.

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Easily Invite Users

Users can be invited one at a time or added in bulk. Or if you have multiple users you need to add to a license, they can quickly be added by uploading a CSV file.

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Set Custom Permissions for Users

Users can be granted a variety of permissions in MadCap Central. Permissions can be set globally for all projects or separately for individual projects. Decide which users have the ability to create tasks, upload new projects, run and schedule builds, and more.

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Assign Users to Teams and Projects

Administrators can assign users to teams, making it easier to send messages to groups of people and manage activity. In addition, administrators can also associate users directly to projects, streamlining communication among team members.

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Get Notified on Important Changes

Want to get notified when changes are made to a project? Users have the option to receive notifications for certain events, such as completed builds, newly created tasks and checklists, deleted users, and more.

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