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MadCap Central

Powerful cloud-based publishing, project and content management
for technical writers and documentation teams.

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Track and Manage Tasks with Multiple Task Views

MadCap Central’s task management features are an efficient way to manage the workflow of your MadCap Flare projects. Plan, track, and visualize what needs to be completed with tasks, all managed within a single, cloud-based platform.

MadCap Central Calendar MadCap Central Task Board MadCap Central Task Panel MadCap Central Task Panel

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Create and Customize Tasks

Create tasks to help organize and streamline your workload. When you create a task in MadCap Central, you have the ability to configure the task, with fields such as description, priority level, due dates, associated Flare project, assigned user, and more.

Progress Icon

Track Progress with Milestones

Follow tasks from start to finish by moving them along three different milestones: To Do, In Progress, and Completed.

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Easily Collaborate with Users

Start a discussion with assigned users by adding comments to the specific task. In addition, you can also attach files to a task, making it easier to collaborate with others.

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Filter Tasks by Project, Date, User, and More

Finding the exact task you’re looking for is made simple with MadCap Central. You can use the search field to locate the task, or use specific filters to sort by project, date, user, and priority.

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View Upcoming Tasks at a Glance

Manage the workflow of your entire project with the Calendar view, where you can see when tasks begin and end in relation to one another.

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