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MadCap Central

Powerful cloud-based publishing, project and content management
for technical writers and documentation teams.

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Manage Teams

Managing team members is critical, and MadCap Central makes it easy to organize users into teams, big or small.

Team Profile and Message Center Panels

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Manage Teams from a Single Page

With the Teams page in MadCap Central, you have the ability to view all teams at a glance. The easy-to-access dashboard provides a convenient way to associate people with projects and lets you view the users and projects associated with each team.

Project Team Icon

Create Teams Based on Projects

Teams can be easily created within the MadCap Central dashboard. After the team is created, you can easily view the members and projects that are associated with the team. To connect a team and its members to an uploaded Flare project, simply link the team and the project within the dashboard.

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Easily Communicate with Teams

Need to send an important update to an entire team? Save time with the Message Center and send messages to members of a team, which makes it easy to communicate and collaborate with others.

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Effortlessly Edit and Delete Teams

Team profiles can be easily edited by users with permissions, such as the team name or description. Projects and/or users associated with the team can also be added or removed.

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