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MadCap Central

Powerful cloud-based publishing, project and content management
for technical writers and documentation teams.

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One Centralized Location to Manage Projects and Content

With the extensive project and content management features, you can upload projects, import projects from other users, assign users to specific projects, set project statuses, receive notifications for activities and much more, all from a single location.

MadCap Flare and Central Screenshots

With MadCap Central, users can:

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Upload MadCap Flare Projects

Keep track of your MadCap Flare projects, all within MadCap Central. Uploading (or binding) your projects makes it easy to host your outputs directly through MadCap Central. You no longer need to rely on FTP publishing or get your IT department involved to publish live websites.

Additionally, when you upload your Flare project, a copy is stored in the cloud. Users with access to your account can keep local and cloud versions of the project, synchronizing changes with integrated source control.

Import Icon

Import Flare Projects

Need a copy of a Flare project that’s been uploaded by another user? With MadCap Central, you can download Flare projects that have been uploaded to the cloud.

Users Icon

Assign Users to Projects

Manage your resources and let your team know which projects to work on and prioritize next. Individual users or teams can be assigned to any project, or multiple projects at once.

Status Icon

Set and Manage Status of Projects

Manage the status of the project from beginning to end. When you upload a project, it is automatically set to “Activated”. You can set a project to “Archive” if you want to keep a copy of the files in the cloud, but you no longer need the output. You may set a project to “Lock” when you no longer want to make changes, but you need to retain the output.

Dashboard Icon

Monitor Projects with the Project Dashboard

When you open the Projects page in MadCap Central, you have three different ways to view projects:

  • Project Dashboard: As the default view for a project, the Project Dashboard can be populated with widgets, giving you additional information on the project.
  • Build Management: This view lets you generate, open, and manage outputs from a target.
  • Repository: Helpful for troubleshooting files, the Repository view lets you see the read-only view of all the files in your project.
Notifications Icon

Get Notifications on Projects

MadCap Central can alert you when certain activities take place. In user settings, you can select how you receive notifications, either through the Notification Center, via email, or Slack.

Get notified on when:

  • Builds are started, stopped, and completed
  • Users are added and removed from a project
  • Teams are edited
  • Comments are left on tasks
  • Projects are deleted
  • And much more

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