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Secure cloud-based authoring, collaboration, workflow and project management for technical writers and documentation teams.

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MadCap Central is a cloud-based platform that lets you plan, track, and manage the processes, content, and teams that are at the heart of your organization. Key features include project management tools, content hosting, simplified publishing, task tracking, user permissions, team collaboration and more.

Manage Your Projects in the Cloud

MadCap Central makes it easy to manage your Flare projects in the cloud.

Manage Your Projects in the Cloud Illustration
Upload/Bind Projects

Upload/Bind Projects

Upload (bind) your project(s) from your desktop Flare application to store a copy of the project in MadCap Central.

Import/Pull Projects

Import/Pull Projects

Import (pull) a Flare project from MadCap Central to store a copy locally.

Assigning Users to Projects Icon

Assigning Users to Projects

Users can see all projects listed on the Projects page. However, to open a project, a user must be associated with that project.

Projects and Source Control

Projects and Source Control

Files are connected to MadCap Central via an integrated source control system. Your interaction with source control can follow one of two models–single-bound or dual-bound.

Upload/Bind Projects

Set Project Status

Set project statuses based on project needs and deliverables: options include Active, Archive and Locked.

Translation Quote Icon

Request Translation Quotes

Request a translation quote for projects or files directly within MadCap Central. Select the project or file you would like translate and a quote request will be generated.

Import/Pull Projects

Delete Projects

Deleting projects only removes the project files from MadCap Central.

Manage Notifications Icon

Manage Notifications

Choose when to be notified for specific activities in your account settings.

Schedule Project Builds and More with Build Management Tools

MadCap Central makes it easy to manage various aspects of your project’s output in the cloud. Build management features include:

Scheduling Icon


Schedule your builds or generate them manually.

build icon

Unlimited Builds

Generate any number of concurrent live builds per target using vanity URL paths.

review icon

Private URLs for Internal Reviews

A private URL is automatically generated for each build, making it easy to share your generated output internally for review.

Exclude from Search Engines Icon

Exclude from Search Engines

For each build that you set to “Live,” you have the option to prevent the output from being visible in search engines.

Project Linking Icon

Project Linking

Links to external MadCap Flare projects–via Global Project Linking, runtime merging of projects, and multilingual output–are supported when building your output.

Review Content with Anyone in Your Organization with a Seamless Contribution and Review Workflow

Send your Flare topics (and snippets) to anyone in your organization for review using MadCap Central. Subject matter experts, authors and other non-Flare users can review content using a new lightweight editor in the cloud.

Screenshot of MadCap Flare's Stylesheet Inspector

Benefits of this workflow include:

Benefits of this workflow illustration

Cloud Review

Subject matter experts do not need to download and install any software. The review takes place in the cloud.

Multi-User Editing

Multiple SMEs, authors and non-Flare users can make changes and add comments to the same topic or snippet simultaneously.

review icon

Review-Only Interface

The lightweight editor offers a streamlined interface, and reviewers only see options and features that are relevant to the review process.

Auto-Save and Submission

Changes in the editor are auto-saved as you work. Once the review process is completed, a user submits the reviewed topic(s) and snippet(s) back to you, the Flare author.

Customize Your Dashboard and Add Widgets for Important Project Information

Customize your dashboard with widgets – objects that let you see important information at a glance – for quick and easy access to calendars, build history, cloud storage usage, project properties and more.

Screenshot of Customizable Dashboards and Widgets

Manage Projects with Project Checklists for Project-specific Activities and Progress

Eliminate spreadsheets and other non-integrated project management applications by tracking and managing your Flare project workflow with Project Checklists.

Screenshot of Customizable Dashboards and Widgets
  • Create a Project Files Checklist: Project file checklists are automatically associated to specific files (e.g., topics, snippets, master pages) in your project. Custom columns can be added for any number of specific types of activity you want to track, such as “Subject Matter Expert Review” and “Add to TOC”, as well as an optional Note column to include any additional details required for the checklist item.
  • Create a Custom Checklist: Custom checklists can be created for anything you would like to track and manage, such as a product release “To Do” lists.
  • Create Checklist Templates: Checklist templates can be accessed across all projects uploaded to MadCap Central.
  • Track Your Progress: Set the appropriate status on each item as you work, and chart the percentage of completion as you work through your checklist.
  • Update Team Members and Managers: Share your progress with teams and managers and display widgets on your Home and Project dashboard.

Template Manager for Project Checklists

With the new Template Manager for Project Checklists, it is easy to create and save checklist templates that can be accessed across all projects uploaded to your MadCap Central license. This is particularly useful when creating checklists that share the same type, description, columns, rows, or notes.

MadCap Central Template Manager

Manage Tasks Easily with a Visualized Workflow for Task Management

MadCap Central Calendar

Keep track of tasks to be completed with a visualized workflow. The different views to manage your tasks in MadCap Central include:

Task Board

Task Board

The Task Board view is similar to a Kanban board. It consists of three preset milestones: To Do, In Progress, and Completed.



The Calendar view displays tasks in a calendar format for the day, week, and month.


The Archive view displays tasks that have been completed.

list icon


The Backlog view displays tasks that are not yet complete and need to be removed from the workflow.

Associate Team Members to Projects for Easy Team Management

Associate team members with projects to quickly communicate with a specific set of users in MadCap Central.

Screenshot of Customizable Dashboards and Widgets

Keep Your Content Secure with User and Permissions Management

Manage users and set permissions to keep your project(s) secure and organized.

MadCap Central New User Types: Authors and Subject Matter Experts

Get Notifications via Email, the Notification Center, or Slack

Receive MadCap Central notifications via email, the Notification Center, or on your Slack channels for specific activity categories such as:

  • Users: Receive a notification if you have been added to or removed from a project
  • Builds: Receive a notification if a target from a project is generated (manual, scheduled start, or rebuild)
  • Teams: Receive a notification if a team is added to a project or removed from one
  • Tasks: Receive a notification if comments or files are added to a task
  • Projects: Receive a notification if a project’s status (i.e., Activated, Locked, Archived) is changed
  • And many more
Team Profile and Message Center Panels

Manage Your Account Settings, Purchase Additional Seats and More

Manage your MadCap Central account settings, such as set up Slack integration, or purchase additional licenses for Authors or Subject Matter Experts, all within the MadCap Central interface.

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