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MadCap Central

Powerful cloud-based publishing, project and content management
for technical writers and documentation teams.

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Host Projects and Content in the Cloud

MadCap Central leverages the security, power, and flexibility of the cloud to mitigate or eliminate many of the technical hurdles faced by both content creators and information technology professionals.

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Secure Hosting

Security and privacy is our top priority at MadCap Software. In choosing a partner, we focused on selecting a security center that understands the importance of privacy and complies with the highest international and industry-specific compliance standards and uptime guarantees. We are pleased to be partnering with Microsoft® Azure to ensure your content and data is safe and secure.

Microsoft® Azure regularly undergoes rigorous third-party audits to ensure and verify the highest level of security controls. For more information visit:

Download Icon You can download our MadCap Central Security Whitepaper here.

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Data Centers and Disaster Recovery

The infrastructure for MadCap Central is hosted by Microsoft Azure, leveraging secured data centers worldwide. These Azure data centers are ISO27001 certified. For details, visit:

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Web Server Hosting and Management

Every MadCap Central subscription includes access to our highly scalable cloud-based build server.

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