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Document Workflow Management with MadCap Central

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Content Creation Without Cumbersome Workflow Process

What makes MadCap Central so vital, is that it takes the authoring power of Flare and maximizes it with a seamless workflow. You don’t have to be a technical writer but can have the control to get your point across. No more emailing back and forth with design changes or copy edits. Easily create and edit files, and maintain projects uploaded to Central independent of Flare. A truly user-friendly document workflow interface equipped with toolbars for authoring content. Depending on the file type, there are two distinct modes for editing: content editor and code editor. In the updated view of the Files page, users can preview, append, upload, and modify project files.

Project Management Suite

Stay organized and on track with integrated project management. Our document workflow management system easily creates timelines, monitors real-time progress, allows for automated workflows and can quickly toggle between task and project owners and assign permissions.

Dstribute Content More Quickly

Use MadCap Flare, a powerful XML-based content editor, to reuse content and single-source the creation and delivery of technical documentation, eLearning guides, product manuals, instructions for use and other forms of content without writing the same thing twice.

Reduce Content Costs

Replace your costly outdated content management system (CMS), which relies on unintegrated apps and third-party plugins. MadCap has everything you need to manage your content development workflow. Import a variety of content types like FrameMaker® files, Microsoft® Word documents and even PDFs.

Manage Teams, Users, and Permissions

Teams can be used to organize users into specific groups. Set permissions, associate users with projects, and keep projects on schedule. The same projects (topic or snippet) can be contributed to, edited by, and have comments added by several authors, users, and subject matter experts (SMEs) at the same time.

Seamless Content Collaboration

Manage input, solicit feedback, review comments and track content versions quickly. With an interface that is simple and easy to use for subject matter experts (SMEs). Then, throughout the review process, reviewers only see content that pertains to them, which facilitates a timely and effective review process.

Unite Translated Content

Our knowledge of leading single-sourcing and translation software applications allows us to maximize content reuse, lowering translation costs and creating localized content that can be easily delivered to global audiences.

Secure Document Workflow Solution

Increased productivity without sacrificing security. On one end, data is hosted in secure SSAE 16 / SOC 2 certified Microsoft Azure data centers, and data is encrypted both in transfer and at rest. On the other, all users use single sign-on (SSO) for secure document sharing across the entire team.

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