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Powerful cloud-based publishing, project and content management
for technical writers and documentation teams.

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Get Full Project Visibility with Customizable Dashboards and Widgets

MadCap Central’s Home and Project dashboards allow you to add any number of widgets that lets you see important information about your account, such as your Calendar, Build Activity, Storage and Usage, and much more.

MadCap Central Home screen

Widgets include:

Live Builds

The Live Builds widget shows all of the builds that are currently set as “Live”.

Build History Widget

Build History

The Build History widget displays a graph of the recent build history for the selected target.

Build History Widget

Project Bookmarks

The Project Bookmarks widget allows you to quickly jump to the dashboard for your favorite projects.

Project Bookmarks Widget

Builds Activity

The Builds Activity widget lets you see all of the builds that are in a state of failed, completed, canceled, or queued.

Builds Acivity Widget

Project Checklist

The Project Checklist widget displays a progress summary for a checklist.

Project Checklist Widget

Project Properties

The Project Properties widget shows important information about the selected project.

Project Properties Widget

Task Summary

The Task Summary widget shows a doughnut chart that breaks down the percentage of tasks in each milestone and storage area (To Do, In Progress, Complete, Archive, Backlog).


Task Calendar

The Task Calendar widget shows due dates for tasks, based on filter settings selected from the widget menu.

Task Calendar Widget

Storage and Usage

The Storage and Usage widget shows important information about the MadCap Central license.

Storage and Usage Widget

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