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How to Streamline Techcomm Processes Regardless of Your Size

Published – June 7, 2017

Are you looking for a content management solution that allows you to produce and deliver content on any platform, and are worried about potential costs?

We just revamped our offer to make MadCap IXIA CCMS web platform accessible to all organizations that wish to streamline their technical documentation processes. By offering you the flexibility and expertise you need to achieve your content goals, our new pricing model and scalable plans allow you to focus on what you do best: create content!

  • Cost-effective plans based on a number of Contributors and Reviewers
  • All plans include Customer Care to ensure ongoing support and a successful project
  • The flexibility to change plans, to meet your emerging business needs

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Read our press release below, also published on

IXIASOFT Introduces New Subscription Pricing for DITA CMS

New subscription-based plan lowers up-front fees, includes new Customer Care program and supports new hosted deployment option.

Montreal, Quebec – June 7, 2017

IXIASOFT, a global leader in the Component Content Management Systems (CCMS) marketplace, announced today a new subscription pricing for its DITA CMS solution. Based on packages that scale with number of users and various options, MadCap IXIA CCMS's new pricing model hopes to reach out to any organization, regardless of their size, to rely on its powerful CCMS to support their content strategy. The new model provides a lower up-front investment to organizations who wish to efficiently author, manage, translate and review their technical content.

Every new customer will also benefit from the new Customer Care program which is included in every package. The deployment of a CCMS solution sometimes brings unforeseen challenges and questions which technical documentation teams need to cope with: this program was put in place to allow organizations to tap into IXIASOFT’s team of seasoned professionals and ensure the long-term success for all projects. As such, our Customer Care program kicks in once DITA CMS has been deployed and not only includes technical support but also functional support and access to IXIASOFT’s in-house DITA expertise.

The subscription-based plans align well with IXIA CCMS's new hosted option. Customers will now have the choice to have the same great CCMS solution installed on-premise or hosted. More and more organizations and their IT teams prefer hosted applications. IXIASOFT’s in-depth understanding of the solution, coupled with in-house DITA expertise will provide organizations who select this option with a one-stop-shop for all support issues—giving them the peace of mind to focus on creating great content.

For Thibault de la Grange, VP of Product at IXIASOFT, this new offer marks a shift for IXIASOFT:

“In the past, DITA CMS was considered mostly by very large organizations with in-house DITA experts and considerable IT backing. As DITA becomes the de-facto standard for all technical documentation regardless of industry or size of company, customer profiles have changed and we needed to adapt our pricing and product packaging to appeal to a wider audience. With this new model in place, our enterprise-class solution is now affordable to all. The Customer Care program simply reinforces our willingness to ensure continuity and successful projects.”

The new pricing plan is effective as of today and is available here.

For more information about the new offer, contact