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MONTREAL (PRWEB) October 7, 2019

Users can now generate a PDF output using a fully featured GUI template designer.

IXIASOFT, a MadCap Software company and a global leader in technical documentation solutions based on DITA, has today made their new add-on—MiramoPDF for MadCap IXIA CCMS—publicly available.

The add-on allows users to generate a PDF with a personalized template—an important part of the publishing and branding process. Creating this template from scratch in an XSL-FO-based DITA OT plugin requires a high level of expertise in the programming domain.

The MiramoPDF add-on eliminates the need for external consultancy or in-house development by providing a ready-made user interface for configuring templates. Adapted for use by non-specialists in programming (like graphic designers), the add-on can easily be integrated into any workforce.

MiramoPDF is built on familiar technologies like the DITA OT, Ant, and XSL. While there’s little need for “under the hood” changes, that additional layer of customization is easily available if needed.

“MiramoPDF is a perfect fit with IXIA CCMS, extending the ease with which customers can personalize their content to the design of their PDF output. We are delighted to partner with such a progressive company.” says Joanne Hannagen, Business Development Manager at Datazone, providers of Miramo automated publishing software.

MiramoPDF for IXIA CCMS provides a powerful automated publishing software for structured data and XML. Not only does it act as a seamless extension of IXIA CCMS, it democratizes the editing process of PDF templates in DITA.

Other benefits include reduced time and costs hiring external programmers, one dedicated and centralized technical and functional support team at IXIASOFT, (no more dealing with multiple suppliers), and the rapid deployment and update of solutions and content initiatives.

About Miramo:
Datazone is the provider of Miramo automated publishing software, used 24/7 globally, in the financial, government and manufacturing sectors.

MiramoPDF is the latest addition to the Miramo suite with it’s revolutionary GUI template designer allowing instant document re-designs of any complexity with no requirement for XSL:FO consultants or programming expertise.

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