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What’s New in MadCap IXIA CCMS

Elevate your authoring experience with powerful new features designed to make you more efficient, like the ability to clone objects, create snapshots, and bulk assignments, among other myriad improvements.

IXIA CCMS User and list of new features

MadCap IXIA CCMS V6.8 

Powerful Cloning, Smart Snapshots, and Efficient Bulk Assign

Unleash productivity with IXIA CCMS's latest release! Clone maps, topics, ditavals, and resources with ease, stay informed with Snapshot's out-of-scope link notifications and explore dependencies, and efficiently manage multiple assignments and worklists with Bulk Assign. Upgrade now for a seamless content creation experience! 

IXIA CCMS user interaction diagram
screenshot of cutting and pasting ditamaps

Streamline your content management

Map Edit – Cut and Paste 

Streamline your content management with the new ability to cut and paste ditamaps. Effortlessly rearrange topicrefs and map elements with just a few clicks. Save time and focus on creating exceptional content by trying it now and unlocking your creative potential.

example of redlining a PDF

Redline PDF

Redlining from 6.7 now available for PDF output reviews

Experience seamless document reviews with Redline PDF in our latest release! Effortlessly create visually enhanced review documents, providing redlined PDFs to highlight changes and enhance team communication.

Snapshot UI being used to take snapshot


Stay organized, informed, and in control with Snapshot  

Stay on top of your project's progress and make more effortless and informed decisions. Easily access valuable insights to understand the relationships between elements and track the evolution of your documents. 

screenshot of using the clone tool


Clone - your all-in-one duplication tool

Say goodbye to manual replication and welcome the simplicity of duplication. Clone maps, topics, ditavals, and resources with ease, all while preserving the original structure. In addition, clones are auto-assigned to their creator!

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Previous Releases

November 2022

  • Dynamic Grid
  • Map View Refactor
  • Bulk Actions (Bulk Check In & Bulk Change Status)
  • Resources
  • Filter Collaborative Review Annotations
  • Index SVG Content
  • Generate Output for Topics, Collaborative Reviews, Approvals

April 2022



  • Homepage
  • Worklists
  • Taxonomy
  • Build Manifest Outputs
  • Search Enhancement
  • Map View Improvements

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