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What’s New in
MadCap Central, May 2023 Release

Elevate your entire workflow to a new level of efficiency and organization. Take control of your authoring process; organize, manage and have visibility into your review process.

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Simplify Your Workflow

Bundle and Review Files

Central and Flare now offer support for review packages. With this new feature, you can easily bundle your files and send them off for review directly from Central.

Review Packages feature

Updates to Main Reviews Page

Managing Review Packages

Every user has unique needs, and that's why we've designed the reviews main page to cater to specific roles. What you see and interact with largely depends on your user type. For example, a Reviewer is mainly exposed to packages for reviewing and editing, but an owner has additional access for managing packages and file grids, and can also create packages directly in Central.

Managing Review Packages Screenshot
New option to view topics screenshot

Toggle Files View, TOC View, and Statuses

Take Control of How You View Your Files

You now have the option to view topics as individual files or in a sleek new TOC view that provides greater context and a more natural flow of materials. Reviewers can also see the vertical “at-a-glance" color status indicating “To Do,” “In Progress,” and “Submitted.”

Managing Review Packages Right From Central

The Freedom to Make Changes 

Even if you aren’t the owner, you can have “Manage Reviews” permissions, as long as you are an author.

Once you have permissions, you can open a package to add or remove reviewers, add or delete files, set the package status manually, and more.

Managing Review Packages Screenshot
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Maximizing Your Collaboration Workflow with MadCap Central's New Review Packages Feature

Thursday, May 25 at 10am PT

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MadCap Central, April 2023 Release

Team Creation

Effortlessly Create Collaborative Teams in MadCap Central

You can now weave together collaborative teams with ease. Grant viewing powers to fellow teammates with a few swift clicks.

MadCap Central team creation wizard

Active Filters

Simplified Active Filters

Streamline the content experience with active filters making it easier than ever for users to view and clear filter sets.

MadCap Central active filters display

Single Sing-On (SSO) Validation Message and Email Enhancements

SSO Branding on Private Sites for Internal Users

Instill confidence in your users upon entering your private sites for the first time. New branding and messaging confirm your users are on a safe site.

MadCap Central updated email branding and messaging

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Deliver content experiences that set you apart from the competition and drive more value for your customers – and your business.

MadCap Central, January 2023 Release

Platform Authoring

Now Easily Author Content in the Cloud Directly in MadCap Central

You can now create and edit files, and maintain projects uploaded to MadCap Central independent of MadCap Flare.

Central Platform Authoring Illustration


Enhance Content Collaboration Across the Organization

Improve your authoring efficiency by allowing anyone in your organization – a subject matter expert, content manager or IT director – to easily create and edit content in the cloud. Add new topics, edit existing topics, add new snippets, and more.

Source Control

question mark iconDid You Know? With this new feature, it is easy for teams to synchronize project files after editing in MadCap Central, using MadCap Flare’s source control.

New Key Feature includes:

  • Add New Files including Topics and Snippets
  • Switch Between Content and Code Editors
  • Upload New Files
  • Edit Existing Files
  • Rename and Delete Files
  • Set Authoring Permissions

Note: Projects must be single-bound to MadCap Central as the primary source control provider. The authoring feature does not support dual-bound projects.


A New Editor and Updated View for Project Files

MadCap Central’s interface includes an easy-to-use editor with toolbars for content authoring. Depending on the file, you can edit in two different modes – the content editor or the code editor. In the updated Files page view, you can now preview, add, upload, and edit project files.

MadCap Central Platform UI screenshot


Easily Set Permissions for Users and Content Teams

Set permissions for who can author and manage content – from specific users to entire teams – to grant the ability to create files, edit files and edit code. Administrators can prevent users from editing the code by deselecting the Edit Code permission.

MadCap Central Platform Permissions screenshot

MadCap Central, November 2022 Release

Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) Streamlines User and Password Management

With SSO, administrators eliminate the need to manually manage users and passwords in MadCap Central.

user management icon

User Management

user management icon

Password Management

user management icon

SAML Authentication

user management icon

Security Compliance

SSO for MadCap Central

  • Easy to Set Up and Manage
  • Supports Any Identity Provider Using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)
  • Faster Onboarding Process for Multiple Users

Accessing Private Sites with SSO

With SSO enabled, users can login to access private sites using your IdP credentials. Users are onboarded as Viewers automatically, eliminating the need for Admins to manually add users to the license.

Private Access SSO Screenshot
Microsoft SSO Screenshot

In this example, Microsoft Azure is the IdP, and it has been set up to first ask for your email, with the possibility to select other sign-in options (e.g., security key). The login button in the first steps can also be customized in the MadCap Central SSO settings.

Enterprise SSO: Key Benefits

Increase Employee and IT Productivity

Allow users to gain quick and easy access to MadCap Central from any location using SSO.

Strengthen Authentication Security

Leverage existing identity providers (IdPs) to simplify user authentication and strengthen security.

Simplify Admin Tasks

Administrators can rely on the identity provider to manage users and access instead of manually adding and removing users.

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How You Can Leverage SSO for Your User and Password Management

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I configure SSO in MadCap Central?

As the Admin for your MadCap Central license, you will work with your IT department to get the required information from your SSO provider. Enter this information into the MadCap Central SSO Authentication Settings tab.

If I have internal users using Azure Active Directory, will MadCap Software’s SSO support our team?

Yes, MadCap Central’s SSO feature is SAML 2.0 compliant.

Is SSO included in a MadCap Central subscription license?

Yes, currently this is included in a standard MadCap Central license, but as this feature expands, it may require a separate purchase for this additional functionality.

What are the basic steps for onboarding users?

There are two options to onboard users when you have SSO enabled.

  1. For private sites, the Admin can send the link to the site where users can log in via their IdP. Users are added as Viewers by default. Once logged in, the Admin can change the role type of the user to Author or SME.
  2. To invite Authors or SMEs using the New User Wizard, the Admin can add users in MadCap Central and an email will be sent providing the option to login in with new MadCap Central credentials or via their IdP.

Note: MadCap Flare 2022 r2 is required for SSO integration.

MadCap Central, June 2022 Release

MadCap Central 2022 What's New Banner

Access Enhancements to Projects, Teams, and Users

Several new enhancements have been made to the way that projects, teams, and users become associated with one another.

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MadCap Central's new Access tab Screenshot

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New Access Tab with Expandable Tree View

The new Access tab lets you create connections between projects, teams, and users.

New Project, User, and Team Association Behavior

Associations are now treated separately, so even if one connection is severed, another one remains.

New Project, User, and Team Association Behavior Screenshot

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New Project Profile Overview Tab

A new Project Overview tab provides an easy-to-read summary of your project details.

  • The date and time the project was created and last modified
  • The number of live sites and builds associated with the project
  • The amount of storage being used by the files and builds in the project
New Project Profile Overview Tab Screenshot

Click to enlarge

New Security Settings Give You More Control

padlock iconPassword History Length:

Select the number of previous passwords that can be used by your users.

padlock iconMinimum Password Length:

Specify the minimum number of characters used for passwords.

New Security Settings Give You More Control

New Profiles and Task Board Icons

New icons associated with a task can be viewed and accessed in the Task board.

New icons are now displayed on the Tasks page view.

TaskBoard Icons Illustration

By clicking on the icon, a new profile view for the task board is displayed.

New Profiles and Task Board Icons

Click to enlarge

New Team Permissions

In addition to user permissions, you can now set permissions for teams.

New Team Permissions

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Previous Releases

January 2022

  • Branching Support for Your MadCap Central Git Repository in MadCap Flare
  • New Git Publishing Features in MadCap Flare including Sending and Receiving Reviews for Individual Branches
  • Branch Manager Dialogue Enhancements for Git in MadCap Flare
  • New Filter Enhancements for Topic Reviews Make Finding Topics Quick and Easy in MadCap Central
  • New Site Profiles Make Managing Sites Easier in MadCap Central

August 2021

  • Streamline Your Review Process for eLearning Content
  • Definition Lists Now Supported in Cloud-based Reviews
  • Add Trusted Domains to Manage Site Security and Display
  • Plus Performance Enhancements and More
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February 2021

  • Full Table Support Now Included in Cloud-based Contribution and Review
  • New Build Profile Dialog Includes Build Details and Actions
  • Horizontal Scrolling in Grids
  • Site Avatars

May 2020

  • Host and Publish Secure Private Output with Password Protected User Access
  • User Types Now Include Author, Subject Matter Expert and Viewer
  • Site Management for Multiple Domains, Vanity URLs and Live Status
  • Create, Edit and Duplicate Site Themes for UI Elements
  • A Completely Redesigned Task Dialog Makes Overall Task Management and Workflow More Efficient
  • Settings and Profile Enhancements: User Settings and License Settings

October 2019

  • Continuously Improve Your Content, Customer Satisfaction and ROI with the Only Data Analytics Solution Built for Your Documentation
  • Direct Publishing from Flare to MadCap Central
  • Lightweight Editor Enhancements

July 2019

  • Streamlined “Send-for-Translation” Workflow for Your Projects and Files
  • New Enhanced Security Options
  • Bulk Invitation of Authors and Subject Matter Experts

April 2019

  • A Completely Redesigned User Interface Makes Managing Content in the Cloud Easier Than Ever
  • Enhancements to Projects, Tasks and Widgets
  • Bulk Invitation of Authors and Subject Matter Experts

September 2018

  • Scan Projects to Find and Fix Critical Issues with a New Project Reports Page
  • Report Widgets

June 2018

  • Use Your Custom Domain Name for Published Output from MadCap Central

May 2018

  • New Cloud-based Editor for Streamlined Contribution and Review with MadCap Flare
  • Advanced Editing and Reviewing Content in the Cloud
  • New User Types: Authors and Subject Matter Experts
  • Preview Project Files with the New Files View
  • Project Linking via Global Project Linking, Runtime Merging, and Multilingual Output

January 2018

  • Template Manager for Project Checklists

October 2017

  • Customizable Project Checklists to Track Project-Specific Activities and Progress
  • Unlimited Concurrent Live Builds Per Target Using Vanity URL Paths
  • Private URLs for Internal Reviews
  • Exclude Live Builds from Search Engines
  • Project Linking via Global Project Linking, Runtime Merging, and Multilingual Output

March 2017

  • Slack Integration for Notifications