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Now Available: MadCap Central October 2019 Release

MadCap Central 2019
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Improve Your Documentation and Customer Satisfaction with Business Intelligence and Data Analytics on Your Output

Are your end users finding the right content? How many times did a user search for content that provided no results? Should you create micro content for particular search phrases? All of these questions can be answered with output analytics on your Flare-generated content.

  • Easy set up in just minutes
  • Track usage on any hosted website or desktop output
  • Content can be hosted anywhere, not just with MadCap Central, to start gathering data analytics immediately
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Search Queries

Search Queries with No Results


Topic Views

Context-Sensitive Help Calls


Browser and Operating

System Statistics

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Your content can be hosted anywhere, not just with MadCap Central, to start gathering output analytics immediately.

We use the output analytics feature in MadCap Central and find it easy and convenient. We use the analytics for all of our MadCap Flare projects, regardless of whether they are hosted with MadCap Central or not.

NIGEL LONGLEY | Learning Material Consultant, Construction Industry Solutions Ltd (COINS)

Direct Publishing from Flare to MadCap Central

You can now publish your output directly from the Flare application to MadCap Central. Following this step copies your Flare output files directly to MadCap Central, and does not set the output to “Live”.

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MadCap Flare to MadCap Central Icon

Lightweight Editor Enhancements

Several enhancements have been added to the editor, including the ability to add break tags and indent lists, as well as a new visual to identify condition tags.

Plus: Bug Fixes, Performance Enhancements and More

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MadCap Central July 2019 Release

Streamlined “Send-for-Translation” Workflow for Your Projects and Files

You can now easily bundle and send projects and files for which you need a translation estimate directly from MadCap Central. Simply select the project or file you would like to be translated and a quote request will be generated.

redesigned MadCap Central home screen

MadTranslations is Certified in:

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ISO 9001:2015
Quality Management Systems

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ISO 17100:2015
Translation Services

New Enhanced Security Options

New security settings give you more control over your MadCap Central account. You can now set the number of login attempts, set the time period to force a logout after idle, and require a password change after a specified period of time.

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Bulk Invitation of Authors and Subject Matter Experts

Previously you could only bulk invite authors. Now you can designate Authors and Subject Matter Experts for the bulk invite, as well as download a template to add users to a CSV file for quick and easy user management.

users invited to MadCap Central

Plus: Bug Fixes, Performance Enhancements and More

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MadCap Central April 2019 Release

A Completely Redesigned User Interface Makes Managing Content in the Cloud Easier Than Ever

The user interface for MadCap Central has been completely redesigned for a new modern look and feel. Functionality enhancements, workflow improvements, an expanded customizable dashboard, and more, all provide added control and an improved user experience.

redesigned MadCap Central home screen
updated interface icon

Usability Improvements

Enhancements to the interface include a new color theme and layout, as well as several usability improvements to make managing your content and projects easy and efficient.

updated interface icon


The dashboard grid has been expanded, allowing you to add more widgets and customize your layout.

multi-select icon

Multi-Select Improves Workflow

Select multiple rows for Users, Teams, Projects, and more, to perform the same action on them simultaneously (e.g., delete items, move items, change status of items).

page views icon

Page Views are Now More Accessible

Page views for Projects and Tasks are now more accessible, located on the top of the interface.

Enhancements to Projects, Tasks and Widgets

Several new enhancements have been added to MadCap Central’s Projects, Tasks and Widgets.

Project Icons


projects dropdown being expanded

Easy Access to Other Projects

Projects are now easily accessed using a drop-down in the upper-left corner of the interface.

expanded and collapsed build screen rows

Expand and Collapse Build Views

Build details, including private and live URLs, can now be viewed by expanding and collapsing each build row.

the schedule build panel

Enhancements to the Schedule Builds Dialog

New enhancements, including a new layout, make it easier to schedule your builds in the Schedule Build dialog.


the To Do panel

Expand and Collapse Task Cards

You can now expand and collapse any or all cards in your tasks.

redesigned MadCap Central calendar screen

Calendar Updates Enhance Views and Tasks

The Calendar page is shown with task cards to the left, instead of a grid at the bottom. Clicking on individual calendar dates makes it easy to view the tasks that correspond to the date selected.

MadCap Central grid screen


The task grid has been moved to its own page and shows all tasks in all milestones, as well as Backlog and Archive, making it easy to move or delete many tasks at once.

the context menu for the task move button

Task Updates

Tasks can now be moved anywhere (Archive, In Progress, Completed, etc.) and Task Cards can be arranged in any order by dragging and dropping.


the live builds panel

Live Builds

A new column displays the vanity of the build, if one is set. Expandable and collapsible build rows show the full live URL.

the filtering context menu


Widgets can now be filtered using radio buttons.

a collection of reports widgets


Now each type of report is contained in its own small widget.

the new Madap Central task calendar

New Task Calendar

The Task Calendar widget has been completely redesigned with added views and functionality. You can now view tasks associated to dates by clicking on the calendar.

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Getting Started with MadCap Central

September 2018

  • Scan Projects to Find and Fix Critical Issues with a New Project Reports Page
  • Report Widgets

June 2018

  • Use Your Custom Domain Name for Published Output from MadCap Central

May 2018

  • New Cloud-based Editor for Streamlined Contribution and Review with MadCap Flare
  • Advanced Editing and Reviewing Content in the Cloud
  • New User Types: Authors and Subject Matter Experts
  • Preview Project Files with the New Files View
  • Project Linking via Global Project Linking, Runtime Merging, and Multilingual Output

January 2018

  • Template Manager for Project Checklists

October 2017

  • Customizable Project Checklists to Track Project-Specific Activities and Progress
  • Unlimited Concurrent Live Builds Per Target Using Vanity URL Paths
  • Private URLs for Internal Reviews
  • Exclude Live Builds from Search Engines
  • Project Linking via Global Project Linking, Runtime Merging, and Multilingual Output

March 2017

  • Slack Integration for Notifications

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