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Secure cloud-based editing, publishing, project and content management for technical writers and documentation teams.

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Now Available: The MadCap Authoring and Management System (AMS)

The MadCap Authoring and Management System (AMS) combines the power and flexibility of desktop authoring with cloud-based technology to provide a complete solution for content developers.

MadCap AMS Includes:

Now Available: MadCap Central September 2018 Release

MadCap Central 2018

Scan Projects to Find and Fix Critical Issues with a New
Project Reports Page

A new Reporting feature allows you to scan your Flare projects to find critical issues, such as broken links, or get general statistics such as word and image count. Projects pushed to MadCap Central are automatically scanned, and a manual scan can be initiated anytime.

Plus: Get notified when a new scan finds critical issues in one or more of the reports.

Critical reports include information on:

  • Broken Bookmarks
  • Broken Links
  • Broken Snippet Links
  • Undefined Condition Tags
  • Undefined File Tags
  • Undefined Glossary Term Links
  • Undefined Variables
Screen showing critical issues report

Report Widgets

Add Report widgets to your Home or Project dashboards and customize which critical reports to include. By default, all of the available reports are added to the widget.

Screen Showing Report Widgets

June 2018 Release

Use Your Custom Domain Name for Published Output from MadCap Central

Using the CNAME (Canonical Name) alias, you can now easily map your own host domain to your published output from MadCap Central.

Screen showing Host Mapped Domain setting

May 2018 Release

New Cloud-based Editor for Streamlined Contribution and Review with MadCap Flare

Allow anyone in your organization to contribute and review Flare content using MadCap Central’s new cloud-based editor. Subject matter experts, authors and other non-Flare users can now easily create and review content using an integrated cloud-based workflow.

Screenshot of MadCap Flare's Stylesheet Inspector

Benefits of this workflow include:

Benefits of this workflow illustration

Cloud-based Editor

Subject matter experts do not need to download and install any software. The contribution and review workflow is simple, completely integrated and takes place in the cloud.

Concurrent Multi-User Authoring and Review

Multiple SMEs, authors and non-Flare users can contribute, make changes and add comments to the same topic or snippet simultaneously.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The lightweight editor offers a streamlined interface, and SMEs only see options and features that are relevant to the contribution and review process.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate with SMEs (and other authors) by viewing and working with the same Flare content and projects concurrently.

Advanced Editing and Reviewing Content in the Cloud

Unlike the XML Editor in Flare, MadCap Central’s cloud-based editor provides only the features necessary for review by Subject Matter Experts and non-Flare users.

Editing and review features include:

Benefits of this workflow illustration


Insert and delete annotations regarding content in the file.


Make changes, additions, and deletions to the content in the file. These changes are always tracked so that the author can see the modifications and accept or reject them as necessary.

Note: You cannot open and edit certain read-only elements contained in the file, such as snippets and variables. However, snippets can be sent for review separately, and anyone can insert an annotation near an embedded snippet to provide feedback related to the content within that snippet.

Tags and Markup

Tags and markup in Flare topics and snippets are represented by various markers in the editor. These provide a visual cue for the author or reviewer that more than simple text is present.


Conditions applied to certain content can be viewed, but you cannot make changes to the condition tags.

New User Types: Authors and Subject Matter Experts

MadCap Central now has two kinds of users—Authors and Subject Matter Experts. The Author has full access to all of MadCap Central’s functionality, while the Subject Matter Expert has access to only parts of the user interface relevant for reviewing content.

MadCap Central New User Types: Authors and Subject Matter Experts
Benefits of this workflow illustration


Authors work in Flare, and create, edit and publish content, as well as in MadCap Central to manage projects. Authors can send topics (and snippets) out for review to other Authors and Subject Matter Experts, as well as open and edit files in the lightweight editor in MadCap Central.

Subject Matter Expert

Subject Matter Experts are users whose purpose in MadCap Central is to review content sent by an Author. SMEs only sees the parts of the user interface that are necessary for reviews.

Preview Project Files with the New Files View

Preview your project files in the Projects tab of MadCap Central with the new Files view. You can switch between Preview, Code, and History views.

Screenshot of the New Files View

Plus: Bug Fixes, Performance Enhancements and More

Software Bug Fix Icon

January 2018

  • Template Manager for Project Checklists

October 2017

  • Customizable Project Checklists to Track Project-Specific Activities and Progress
  • Unlimited Concurrent Live Builds Per Target Using Vanity URL Paths
  • Private URLs for Internal Reviews
  • Exclude Live Builds from Search Engines
  • Project Linking via Global Project Linking, Runtime Merging, and Multilingual Output

March 2017

  • Slack Integration for Notifications

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