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Snippets, Conditions, and Variables in MadCap Flare — A Powerful Trio

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photo of Ken De Wachter, webinar presenter
Time: 2020-03-19T16:00:00
Presenter : Ken De Wachter, Technical Writer | Collibra

At Collibra, we write user documentation for a very comprehensive software product. Our product is extremely versatile and evolves fast agile development cycles. With five technical writers continuously making all manner of changes to the docs, it’s a real challenge to keep everything harmonized. We want to be consistent, and have to be flexible, especially when dealing with different user types (for example regular users and administrators), licensing models and features with overlapping functionality.

Snippets play a big role in our project. They are great for literal consistency, but we often need small variations of the same snippet: different product name, with or without hyperlink, etc. Thankfully, you can combine snippets with variables and conditions. At the confluence of these features, beautiful things happen.

Learn how snippets make full use of conditions to automatically show or hide content, depending on the topic in which they are used, and how the content itself changes with the use of variables. In this webinar, Ken De Wachter will show you how the team at Collibra uses MadCap Flare to make their documentation more efficient and flexible.

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