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How to Integrate MadCap Flare HTML5 Outputs with a Marketing Site

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photo of Thad Miller, webinar presenter
Time: 2019-01-23T18:00:00
Presenter : Thad Miller, Technical Content Director, Environmental Products | LI-COR Biosciences

At LI-COR Biosciences, a challenge facing technical writers was the lack of continuity between the marketing website and the HTML5 content produced from MadCap Flare. To further complicate the challenge, the team also needed to incorporate advanced web tools built for the support site, not readily made in Flare or by technical writers. Thad Miller, Technical Content Director for environmental products at LI-COR, discusses how these elements were brought together into a seamless marketing site with Server Side Includes, allowing the team to use Flare to produce and manage content while keeping the web team in control of other components of the site.

In this webinar, join Thad Miller to learn:

  • What are Server Side Includes
  • The basics of how Server Side Includes work
  • What is required from your web team and Flare to enable Server Side Includes
  • How to add them to MasterPages and topics to control elements such as company header, web apps, and forms

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