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Conference Prep: An Attendee’s Guide to Making the Most of MadWorld 2018

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photo of Deborah Lockwood, webinar presenter
Time: 2018-05-24T17:00:00
Presenter: Deborah Lockwood, Senior Technical Writer | GHX

You’re registered for MadWorld 2018, about to embark on a journey to beautiful, sunny, Southern California. You’re eager to learn from the best and brightest in the technical communication and content strategy fields. As the conference approaches, you may be thinking “There is so much to see and do at MadWorld… I’m overwhelmed. I know I need to maximize my conference experience, but how do I do that? What takeaways should I plan on sharing with my manager and colleagues?”

Deborah Lockwood, technical writer and MadWorld veteran, will provide her strategy on how to make the most out of MadWorld 2018. She’ll share best practices for planning, following up, reporting, and delivering. Best of all, she’ll suggest steps for bringing your MadWorld experiences back to the office, provide tips on retaining those fantastic ideas, and propose tactics for leveraging the valuable content you will learn.

Whether you’re attending MadWorld 2018 or MadWorld Europe in September, this is a conference preparation resource you don’t want to miss.

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