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Moving from FrameMaker to Flare: A Comparison

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Time: 2012-02-07T18:00:00
Presenter : Eddie VanArsdall, Content Strategist / Technical Writer | Ironworks Consulting

Are you using FrameMaker as your primary authoring tool? While Frame is great for book publishing, it requires separate tools and plug-ins to single source content for the web. If you are tired of the expense and the headache of using multiple tools, consider switching to MadCap Flare.

Flare matches and exceeds FrameMaker’s best features, including variables, snippets (equivalent to text insets), conditions, and versatile cross-referencing formats. And Flare doesn’t restrict you to a linear, book-based model. You can manage content at the topic level and build multi-sectioned, double-sided books or websites and knowledge bases. Your choice.

Join Eddie VanArsdall as he demonstrates how you can adapt your FrameMaker workflow to a full-on, single-sourcing solution with one tool: MadCap Flare.