A great question was posted in the Users of MadCap Flare group on LinkedIn:

Any helpful hints for getting data out of Excel cells and pasting into a Flare table other than tedious copying and pasting each one?

Yeah, copying and pasting cell after cell sounds pretty excruciating. Here’s a much less time-consuming alternative.

Step #1: In Excel, highlight the cells that you want to copy to Flare.

Excel table

Step #2: In a topic in Flare, paste your content. Look to the bottom right of the pasted section. You should see a small icon . Click the down arrow next to it and select "Paste Table."


Step #3: Right-click the Table block bar and apply a table style if you want.


This is what your table will look like in Flare:


Quick, easy, and with no infuriating copying-and-pasting!