MadCap Flare, the industry-leading authoring and publishing tool, has introduced an exciting new feature in its 2024 release: Publish to Syndicate™. This feature empowers Flare and Central users to seamlessly publish their content directly to Xyleme Syndicate ™, an enterprise-level Learning Content Management System (LCMS) within the MadCap Software product ecosystem. But what does this mean for Flare and Central users, and why is it such a game-changer? 

In a recent product release webinar, Jennifer Morse, VP of Customer Success, and Chris Kocher, Sr. Solutions Architect, discussed the importance of this new capability and its impact on content delivery and collaboration within organizations. Let's dissect their insights to understand the why behind this new feature and its benefits for Flare and Central users. 

screenshot of xyleme syndicate UI with examples of published outputs

What is Xyleme Syndicate™? 

Xyleme, a MadCap Software Company, is the most trusted intelligent LCMS platform for the development, management, delivery, and syndication of content at scale. A part of the Xyleme Intelligent LCMS platform, Xyleme Syndicate™ revolutionizes the way organizations distribute and manage learning content across multiple platforms from a single source of truth. By centralizing content updates and ensuring their automatic propagation to all endpoints, Syndicate™ enhances content accuracy and reduces administrative burdens. A rich set of content delivery tools, APIs, and available integrations will fit right into your current content ecosystem enabling actionable content and learner analytics, including detailed version histories for content operations and compliance and regulatory audits. 

Extending the Reach of Technical Documentation

At its core, Publish to Syndicate™ is about extending the reach of technical documentation created and managed by Flare users. By integrating with Xyleme Syndicate™, Flare content becomes accessible beyond the confines of the technical documentation team. This integration breaks down content silos, bridging the gap between different departments such as technical documentation and learning and development. 

Key Features and Benefits: 

  • Advanced Search and Content Filtering: Syndicate™ offers robust search capabilities and content filtering, allowing users to find relevant information quickly and efficiently. With features like faceted search, users can navigate through extensive content repositories with ease, akin to filtering options on e-commerce websites. 
  • APIs and Headless Content Repository: One of the standout features of Syndicate™ is its powerful set of APIs and headless content repository architecture. This allows for seamless integration with other systems and applications, enabling content reuse and distribution across various channels. 
  • Role-Based Permissions and Content Governance: Syndicate™ provides granular control over access permissions, ensuring that content is accessible only to authorized users. Additionally, features like output versioning and scheduled activation and deactivation dates facilitate content governance and lifecycle management. 
  • Enhanced Analytics and Learning Record Store (LRS): Syndicate™ offers comprehensive analytics, tracking user interactions and content performance. The built-in Learning Record Store (LRS) ensures compliance and governance by capturing learner data, assessments, and performance metrics. 
screenshot of xyleme syndicate user interface

Seamless Integration and Collaboration

Publishing to Syndicate™ isn't just about pushing content to another platform; it's about fostering collaboration and integration within organizations. Flare users can leverage the capabilities of Syndicate™ to share content with different teams, integrate with learning management systems (LMS), and future-proof their content delivery strategies. 

Tailoring the Message

As Jen and her team emphasize, understanding the diverse needs of customers is crucial. Whether targeting Flare/Central users, Syndicate™ customers, or enterprise content management customers, the overarching story remains consistent: MadCap Software's suite of solutions enables seamless collaboration, content reuse, and enhanced delivery across departments and platforms. 

MadCap Flare: Engage. Educate. Elevate.

MadCap Flare's Publish to Syndicate™ feature represents a significant step forward in content delivery and collaboration. By bridging the gap between technical documentation and other departments, it empowers organizations to break down silos and leverage the full potential of their content. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, tools like Flare and Syndicate™ pave the way for efficient, integrated content management solutions. 

In conclusion, MadCap Flare users can look forward to unlocking new possibilities with the Publish to Syndicate feature, driving efficiency, collaboration, and innovation in content creation and delivery. 

Note: This blog post is based on a product overview by Jen Morse, VP of Customer Success at MadCap Software, and highlights the key insights shared during the presentation.