That's right, not only does MadCap Flare support Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Visual Source Safe (VSS), it also supports Subversion (SVN), without the need to install any third-party plug-ins.

Bind Project UI

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SVN is one of the most widely used source control solutions -- it is free and can run on almost any platform. With Flare 7, you no longer need a third-party plug-in to take advantage of integrated source control and SVN.

Now you can use SVN as a provider when binding an existing project to source control, creating a new project, and importing a project from source control. Take advantage of all of the source control features that are built in to Flare, such as checking files in or out, or getting the latest version of source control files.

To read more about Subversion and Flare 7, read this blog post from Laura Johnson:
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