Implementing new technology? Adopting new techniques? Embarking on a large project and don't know where to start? You might need some extra help. We've put together the following five signs that it's time to bring on a consultant:

  • You’re trying something new or short-term
  • You have a tight deadline and you don’t have a lot of resources
  • It has to be done right the first time
  • You need a fresh set of eyes
  • You want to have someone on call

1. You're trying something new or short-term


If you and your team find yourselves working in a new domain and have no idea what you're getting into, it's probably time to hire a consultant. A consultant will help you plan, organize, and hold your hand every step of the way. A consultant can also educate your team about the new skills and best practices they'll need to be successful in their new venture.

You should also consider hiring a consultant if you find yourself facing a short-term or one-time-only project (such as migrating a large amount of legacy content into a new tool). Rather than spend money on extra staff or training for a project you most likely won't re-visit, temporarily bringing on a consultant may be the most cost-effective solution.

2. You're short on time and you don't have a lot of resources

Short on time? Short on staff? If you could use another expert on your team, but don’t have the budget to bring someone on full time, it may be time to augment your staff with a consultant.

You don't want to waste money or valuable project time going down a path that might work. The right consultant will bring experience and a variety of skills to the table that you may not have access to within your company.

3. It has to be done right the first time


Going out on a limb with a high-risk project? Being able to rely on someone else and hold him or her accountable if anything goes wrong will not only reduce your workload, but your stress level as well.

The right consultant will have experience with similar transitions or problems and can offer the wisdom to help you avoid missteps.

4. You need a fresh set of eyes

Don't underestimate the value of outside perspective. When you're hyper-focused on a project and heavily invested in its success, you can lose sight of the big picture.

A consultant's objectivity and fresh view on the situation can yield solutions and practices you've never even considered.

5. You want to have someone on call


If you're looking to implement a new process or strategy, forging long-term relationship with a consultant who has the industry experience to support that implementation and help it grow in the future is key.

You aren't just looking to hire an expert, but also someone that you'll be able to call on in the future when questions arise. A consultant can help you define long-term needs and stay involved in the process if needed.

So, if you are implementing new technology, adopting new techniques, or embarking on a large conversion and don’t know where to start, and any of these five points apply, it might be time to bring on a consultant.

Finding the Right Consultant


"MadCap Consulting provides a professional, cost-effective solution for our technical communication needs. MadCap's MAD Certified consultants have time and time again proved to be outstanding team leaders and experienced technical authors."
Amanda Lipnack | Avantext

Whether you are an existing MadCap Software customer or have general technical communication consulting needs, MadCap Software can assist you in your search to find the right candidate. We match skill sets based on the unique needs of your project to better leverage their expertise. Each of our certified consultants has extensive expertise in technical writing and technical communication best practices.

They have experience creating and managing complex documentation, including:

  • Policy and procedure manuals
  • Knowledge bases
  • Software documentation
  • Online Help with context sensitivity
  • Reference books and illustrated guides
  • Hardware and maintenance manuals
  • Employee handbooks
  • User manuals

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