How to Inherit an Outdated MadCap Flare Project in Nine Steps
Michal Skowron

Posted by Michal Skowron

January 25, 20182 Comments

You inherited a MadCap Flare project that looks like a complete mess. Someone imported a Word document into Flare ages ago, fixed some stuff here and there to make the output decent enough, and then left the company. …

How to Create an Employee Handbook Manual with MadCap Doc-To-Help’s New Resource
Jennifer Morse

Posted by Jennifer Morse

January 23, 20182 Comments

An employee handbook is essential to convey expectations to employees; however, not every organization has the time and resources to write the document from scratch. That’s why we created the pre-written employee …

Four Advanced Tips to Make the Most of Snippets in MadCap Flare
Justin Bondoc

Posted by Justin Bondoc

January 11, 20184 Comments

Do you find yourself in the situation where you keep re-adding chunks of text, tables, images, and videos in your projects? Tired of writing the same steps over and over again? Snippets are a great way to reuse …

MadCap Scholar Program Series – An Interview with Janine Solberg, Co-Director at University of Massachusetts Amherst
Jennifer Morse

Posted by Jennifer Morse

January 4, 20181 Comments

Through the MadCap Scholar Program we have had the opportunity to work with academic institutions all over the world, providing students with the tools and hands-on experience they need to improve their skills. The …