For years now I have been encouraging authors to get in the habit of using font-families with their Cascading Style Sheet settings. This helps to control any substitutions that might occur if the font you call for just doesn’t exist on that customers machine. Of course, for many authors it would be preferred to simply ship the fonts you want with the WebHelp you deliver, but this hasn’t been as easy as it might sound. Problems with font ownership, distributions rights, differing technologies, and more have always gotten in the way.

However, Ed Marsh has discovered a technique for doing just this; embedding fonts with your distributed WebHelp. It isn’t as easy as it sounds as there is a fair bit of work to it, and your selection of fonts is limited to those you can legally distribute. As a result, this may not be a solution for everyone but it is a huge step in the right direction.

Without further ado, hop on over to Ed’s blog article How to Embed Fonts in MadCap Flare WebHelp .

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Mr. Hamilton has over fifteen years of experience in training, technical communication, multimedia development, and software development. Prior to joining MadCap Software, he served as the Product Manager for Macromedia's award-winning RoboHelp product line. Mr. Hamilton is often a featured speaker at industry events, including TEKOM and STC.

Last Modified: March 22, 2011

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